Be Smart with Eco-Friendly Lights

Work hard and play harder with more freedom. Whether you’re exploring wilderness trails or working outdoors, you will find a world of difference without having to worry about cords and restrictions when you invest in something that is made to be low-impact and convenient: a vehicle-mounted lightbar.

Lightbar Liaison already did the hard work of researching, reviewing, and ranking the best lightbars offered on the market today, but what does that mean for you? Sometimes lessening our impact on the environment is as simple as finding a single device that encompasses multiple applications. Everything from lights to environmentally friendly equipment can make a difference.

Work Smart

Outdoor construction is already a tough, dirty job, and lugging around a generator for what could be a quick and easy task can turn it into a nightmare. Setting up an exhaust-belching generator for area floodlighting is time-consuming and quite possibly overkill, but the alternative, using your vehicle’s headlights, can be just as bad. Headlights are made to illuminate a road for distance, and working ahead of them can be blinding. Then there’s the question of turning the engine off and risking a dead battery.

Here is what an LED lightbar can do for you. When mounted on the roof of a vehicle, it offers enough of a downward angle to shine its light on what you’re working on, not beaming it right into your face. When mounted and plugged in correctly, a low-amp draw lightbar uses a very small amount of battery life to produce illumination, so you can turn your vehicle off and reduce exhaust fume pollution. Plus, there’s pretty much no clean up. No generator to heave into the back, no cords to dust off, or floodlights to break down. Low impact, small footprint, extremely convenient, and perfect for your outdoor tasks.

Play Hard

Everything stated above can easily apply to a fun night out with the friends at the beach, in the woods, and on the dusty trails. Bring your own illumination and keep the party going without ruining the night sky view. The burning question is, what does a lightbar do to get you to and from these locations that headlights don’t already?

A lightbar is made to illuminate a large area, out and in front of your vehicle, so when you’re driving to the nighttime beach or home from the wilderness trails, you might run into unfamiliar terrain. The light cast from a lightbar is made to keep you aware of your environment as much as possible, giving you the information and range of sight you need to react to hazards. You might already have a spotlight, and that’s great for many applications, but its strength lies in a narrow, direct beam of light that goes the distance. A lightbar’s reach is more contained and less disturbing to wildlife and local inhabitants.

When it comes to which lightbar is going to fulfil both your needs and wants, Lightbar Liaison has a thorough rundown of design options, safety and ruggedized build explanations, and both comprehensive and at-a-glance breakdowns of each of their top five offerings.