5 Eco-Friendly Appliances & Gadgets to Include in Your Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Eco-friendly appliances are efficient. They’re also not dangerous to your health and the environment. They’re designed to ensure that you maintain a green environment.

Using them helps to reduce the harmful effects that other devices have on the environment. Eco-friendly gadgets allow you to spend a comfortable time in the kitchen, and at the same time, create harmony with Mother Nature.

If you want to renovate or make your kitchen eco-friendly, you can do so using green gadgets and appliances. Here’re five eco-friendly appliances to include in your eco-friendly kitchen:

  • Reusable food wraps
  • Food saver with a vacuum sealing system
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Stainless steel pur faucet filter
  • Smart chimney

5 Amazing Appliances to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

  1. Reusable food wraps

People have been using plastic wraps to cover their foods for many years. But, research shows that plastic has a lot of negative effects on the ecosystem. They take long to decay and are harmful to the environment.

So many plastics end up in the seas. Many sea animals have been affected by this, and some have died. Therefore, it’s necessary to minimize and eliminate plastic usage.

Instead of using plastic bags to cover your food, opt for reusable food wraps. They can be reused as many times as you want, making them sustainable and more cost-effective.

  • Food saver with a vacuum sealing system

Another kitchen waste that adds filth to the environment is unused foods and leftovers. The reason most people throw away food is because they have gone bad. This is wastage, and it’s not good at all.

Firstly, the environment gets dirty. Secondly, it’s expensive.

Food savers with vacuum sealing systems are helpful as they lock the food under freshness, and keep air from reaching your food. Therefore, your food stays for a longer time when stored in the refrigerator.

Food savers are environment-friendly, and help save your money.

  • Evaporative air conditioning systems

Evaporative coolers are better in minimizing energy consumption compared to compressor-based coolers. They’re also good in climates that are not arid because they perform without causing the humidity to increase.

They are different from the typical air conditioners, atop being eco-friendly. Their working mechanism is that water absorbs significant amounts of heat for it to evaporate.

Powerful vaporization causes the hot temperatures in dry air to drop greatly as the water changes from liquid state to vapor. Therefore, the air is cooled with lesser energy, unlike in refrigeration.

Consider using evaporative coolers in your kitchen for air conditioning. They’re awesome, and when the climate is dry, the evaporations used to cool air also conditions the dry air with moisture to increase comfort in your kitchen.

  • Stainless steel PUR faucet filter

Water that comes directly from the tap usually has some taste of the metals that have been dissolved in it. Drinking this water may feel uncomfortable as the dissolved substances can be contaminants that are toxic to a person’s health.

Therefore, filter water before consuming it. Plastic filters can be used, but plastics are pollutants hence should not be encouraged. PUR faucet filters are efficient and free from polluting the environment. They produce filtered and refreshing water.

To fix it, you’ll need to put a disposable filter in the device and then connect this with your faucet. The water comes out pure and with no solubilities.

  • Smart chimney

Chimneys emit a lot of smoke and contaminants into the air. It’s necessary to install chimneys that are capable of reducing this effect to the environment. Smart chimneys provide proper ventilation in the house, and they can be manipulated to control the emissions.

They alert you when there’s excessive dirt that needs clean up, hence making your kitchen clean and free from accumulated dirt. The apps that come with it also have platforms where you can contact servicepersons to repair your chimney when broken.

This way, you make it more efficient to adequately release the required amount of smoke into the environment.


The birth of technology was highly celebrated. A lot of things have been made easier and efficient with the use of technology. But as our lives become more straightforward and more comfortable with modern appliances, there’s a price that we all pay.

The price is environmental degradation. There are gadgets that if used, emit substances that are harmful to our health and to the environment at large. These effects may accumulate to cause climate change, which might be catastrophic to life.

Researches are being done, and people are coming up with ways to produce eco-friendly appliances. Some of these eco-friendly appliances are mentioned above. Revamp your kitchen with green gadgets for eco-friendly use.